VENDOR MANAGED INVENTORY PROGRAMS:  We will manage fastener inventories for all Customers who qualify for the program. Leave restocking and product level management to Arnon Fasteners Corporation.

KITTING AND PACKAGING:  We provide kitting and packaging services to our Customers.

DEVELOPMENT OF CUSTOM PARTS:  We will work with our customers and suppliers to provide any required non standard parts.

CUSTOMIZED ASSEMBLY, STORAGE, AND SHIPPING:  We can perform a variety of services whereby Arnon Fasteners Corporation will assemble products, package, warehouse, ship and invoice in accordance with our customers’ specifications. This would include materials held on a consignment basis. Complete programs can be tailored to meet demand.

BAR CODE LABELING:  Our system generates bar code labels; we will accommodate any special labeling requirements requested by our Customers.

INVENTORY ANALYSIS:  We will provide our VMI Customers with historical data for their review and analysis including identification of duplicates and recommendations for improvements.

ENGINEERING ASSISTANCE:  We will work with Engineering to help identify the best parts for applications.

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